Rain-X® De-Icer Windshield Washer

A short video on the water repelling and de-icing properties of Rain-X De-Icer. This formula repels rain, sleet and snow for better visibility. A new and imp...

What You Need To Know - Reflex Ice Blades and Reflex De Icer From Canadian Tire

What You Need To Know - Reflex Ice Blades and Reflex De Icer See Price: http://www.canadiantire.ca/0294121e What You Need To Know is sponsored by L: Somethin...

How to Remove Ice from Car Windows - Windshield Deicer

Visit http://www.thedrainclaw.com for slow bath drains because of hair. Subscribe for new videos! A great product to have in your car is a windshield deicer,...

Toyota Windshield Wiper De Icer

This clip will teach and demo the Toyota 4Runner windshield wiper deicer.

Lexus CT200h windshield wiper deicer demo

To help combat those cold winter mornings, a windshield deicer features embedded heating wires around the edge of the windshield to prevent the wipers from s...

Out My Windshield: Chemical Free De-icer

Road King Sr. Editor David Kolman weighs the benefits of a new greener way of clearing ice from highways.

Winter Tip- De-Ice your windshield and side windows.

Just a tip from what I've been using for years. I have a spray bottle filled with de-icer wiper fluid. You probably have it in your wiper fluid reservoir, bu...

Homemade Windshield Deicer

Extreme de-icing

A crap Fiat Panda suffering severe drunken abuse.

HG Windscreen De-icer

Click here to buy http://homecareessentials.co.uk/acatalog/hg_windscreen_de-Icer.html HG Windscreen Deicer removes all snow and ice from windscreens very qui...